What Are the Illinois Restrictions on Recreational Marijuana?

Recreational marijuana is officially legal in Illinois now after months of anticipation and preparation. It is a joyful time for cannabis users, businesses that will profit from its sale, and citizens whose previous marijuana possession records are being wiped. Marijuana possession and usage, like any other prohibited substance, is still subject to restrictions. Some marijuana rules are more stringent than those governing alcohol and tobacco. If you are not aware of the restrictions governing recreational marijuana, you may face drug-related criminal penalties.  


To begin, you must be at least 21 years old to possess marijuana in Illinois. There are other restrictions on how much cannabis you can possess: 

  • 5 g marijuana concentration

  • 30 grams marijuana flower

  • The content of 500 milligrams in a cannabis-infused product

If you are visiting Illinois, your possession limits are reduced by half. Possession of more than the legal limit is a crime. 

Sale And Growth

Only licensed dispensaries are permitted to sell marijuana possession’s products. A license is also required to produce marijuana, whether as a business or as a medical marijuana consumer. Recreational marijuana consumers are not permitted to cultivate their own plants. 

Ownership Of a Vehicle

Transporting marijuana in an open container in your vehicle is unlawful. The marijuana must be stored in an odor-proof container and in an area inaccessible to the driver. 


Driving under the influence of marijuana is unlawful. The difference today is that a police officer must assess whether your marijuana use has impaired you. The state of Illinois has established a legal limit of 5 nanograms of the per milliliter of blood. The levels, on the other hand, can linger in your bloodstream for weeks after marijuana use, raising questions about whether they indicate impairment. 


Marijuana usage is prohibited in public locations such as parks and restaurants. It is most secure when used at home. If you rent your house, your landlord may prevent you from smoking marijuana or eating marijuana-infused goods in public locations on the property. It is also prohibited to use cannabis in the presence of someone under the age of 21. 

International Travel

Remember that recreational marijuana possession is still illegal on the federal level as well as in Illinois’ surrounding states. You could face charges if you smuggle marijuana across state lines or have it on federal property, such as national parks. 

Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney in Illinois

Illinois law enforcement and communities are going through a transition period as they learn about and adjust to the new marijuana legislation. An Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney can assist you whether you have violated marijuana laws or have been wrongfully arrested by a police officer who is unaware of the laws. Call us now to book a free consultation to evaluate your case thoroughly. A solicitor can check the all bad and good of your certain situation & guide you accordingly. Infect, tell you the all the necessary things to make your case strong. Make contact right away! 


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