Updates on Preston Lord's Homicide Case: Charges Filed Against 7 Individuals

Updates on Preston Lord's Homicide Case: Charges Filed Against 7 Individuals

In a significant development, the Queen Creek Police Department (QCPD) has submitted charges against seven individuals in connection with the homicide investigation of Preston Lord, a 16-year-old teenager who was brutally murdered on October 28. The case has garnered widespread attention, and the community has been eagerly awaiting progress in the investigation. Here are the latest updates on the case.

Latest Updates on the Investigation

The QCPD has confirmed that charges have been submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney against seven individuals in relation to Preston Lord's homicide case. While the investigation is still ongoing, the names of the individuals charged have not been released at this time. The QCPD is urging the public to come forward with any new tips or information that could assist in progressing the investigation.

Community's Reaction to the Case

The brutal murder of Preston Lord has deeply impacted the community, prompting them to take action and demand justice. A memorial walk was organized, bringing together community members, parents, and students, to raise awareness about the issue of teen violence and emphasize the need for continued investigation[^1^]. The emotional walk, starting from Mesquite High School and ending at the police headquarters, aimed to send a strong message that the community will not tolerate such acts and expects the perpetrators to be held accountable for their crimes[^1^].

Related Cases Involving Teen Violence

The Preston Lord murder investigation has shed light on the larger issue of teen violence in the community. As a response, the Gilbert Police Department (GPD) has reopened four criminal investigations related to similar incidents. To specifically address teen violence, the GPD has established a dedicated web page to investigate these cases. The community has expressed concerns over groups like the "Gilbert Goons" and is calling for action against those involved in violent activities.


The Queen Creek Police Department, alongside the Gilbert Police Department, is diligently working to bring justice in the Preston Lord homicide case. With charges filed against seven individuals and an ongoing investigation, the community eagerly awaits the resolution of this case and hopes for an end to teen violence in their area. Community support and the commitment of law enforcement will be instrumental in holding individuals accountable and ensuring the safety of the community.


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